All data stored for a user in SiteKiosk Online will be displayed. Modified data will only be saved in SiteKiosk Online when you save it. Cancel will discard all changes.


Change name

The Change name button enables editing of the user name, which can then be changed. The new user name must consist of at least 5 alphanumeric characters (a-z,A-Z,0-9) and must not be already used.

Save changes the name, Cancel discards the entered name.

Change password

The Change password button displays text fields in which the new password can be entered and confirmed. If the own user entry is edited, the old password must also be entered.

The minimum requirements for the password used are

  • 8 or more characters
  • 1 or more upper case letters
  • 1 or more lower case letters
  • 1 or more digits

Special characters are also supported.

Save changes the password, Cancel discards the entered data.

Time zone

The time zone in which the user is located can be selected from a drop-down list.


From a drop-down list, you can select the language in which SiteKiosk Online should be displayed for this user.


The input fields for the address of a user are identical in function to the fields of a contact entry of the address book.

User has the following roles

A list of all roles that the user has is displayed. By pressing the X on the right side of an entry, this role can be removed from the user again. The Administrator role cannot be revoked.

Add role

The Add button adds the role selected in the drop-down list to the user.

User is member of the following groups

A list of all groups to which the user belongs is displayed. By pressing the X on the right side of an entry, the user can be removed from this group. No user can be removed from the Everyone group.

Add group

The Add button adds the user to the group selected in the drop-down list.

User has the following effective rights

A list of all rights granted to the user by his roles and groups is displayed.

Alert Notifications

These settings are used to configure whether and for which alarms the user is to be notified by e-mail.

Notification options for users

With the checkbox the sending of e-mails in case of alarm can be switched on and off. The destination address of the notifications is set here, the address stored in the address data is not used. The Test button sends a test message to the set e-mail address.

Notification options

If the checkbox is activated, a notification is sent to the adjacent component in the event of an alarm. The components are identical to those in the team settings.

The settings for the notification frequency follow.