The address book provides a central overview of all address data used. These can be assigned to users, contacts or clients. It is possible to view, edit, import and export the data.


In the header above the table are control elements for filtering and managing the address book.

Search function

The address data displayed below can be filtered using the search function. All data records are displayed in which the entered text appears in one of the fields. The mask can be cleared by clicking on the X.

New contact

The New contact button opens an input mask in which the address data for a person/company can be entered. The coordinates are determined on the basis of the address entered, but can also be entered manually.


The Export button can be used to export the address book in parts or as a whole as an .xml file. An input mask is opened that guides you through the three-step export process.

Step 1

Here the address list to be exported can be filtered by address types. If all checkboxes are selected, the complete address book will be exported.

The User checkbox selects all addresses that have been assigned to a user.

The Locations checkbox selects all addresses that have been assigned to a client as a location.

The Maintenance contacts checkbox selects all addresses that have been used as a maintenance contact at a client.

The Client owner checkbox selects all addresses assigned to a user specified as owner on a client.

The Unassigned addresses checkbox selects all addresses that have not been associated with any function.

Next confirms the filter selection, Cancel ends the process.

Step 2

The file with the address data is created. This is followed by an automatic forwarding to step 3.

The Refresh button allows to manually update the export file status to go to step 3, Cancel terminates the process.

Step 3

Information about the created file with addresses will be displayed.

The Download button allows to download the file through the used browser. Overview leads back to the address book.


The Import button allows to import an .xml file with address data.

The Browse button opens the file selection dialog of the browser, where the file with the addresses can be selected. With Import the address data from the selected file are entered into the address book.

Page navigation

The general page navigation manages the visible table entries.

List with addresses

The list shows the entries of the address book in tabular form. Each row shows one address book entry. Using the column headers, the list of addresses can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to the values in the respective column.

Data fields

The data fields display the information from the respective address book entries.


The pencil icon opens the input mask to display the stored information of the address book entry. The data can also be changed here.

The address book entry can be deleted via the cross symbol (X). Only entries that are not assigned to a user can be deleted from the address book.