This tab displays the data for all users of the team. The information and options displayed may be restricted by the assigned user rights.

New user

This button can be used to create a new user.

Page navigation

The general page navigation manages the visible table entries.

List with user data

The list displays the entries of the user list in tabular form. Each row shows information about a user. Using the column headers, the list of users can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to the values in the respective column.

The columns Name, First Name, Last Name, E-mail, User Roles and User Groups are identical to the fields of the same name in the user settings. The Last Login column displays the time of the user's last login.

The gray triangle in front of each entry toggles between the single-line and multi-line view of the information.


The pencil icon opens the associated user settings. Clicking the X will delete the user. The current user and the user with whom the team was created in SiteKiosk Online cannot be deleted.