The client overview gives you an overview of the status of the individual clients after publishing a project. With the help of this overview, you can check whether a project has been transferred to all selected clients after it has been published. At the same time, you can see in the client overview whether the respective client is online, i.e. whether it can communicate with the SiteKiosk Online Server at that moment and whether the transferred content is also displayed (green icon).

In the client overview, the client status is described with three colored icons:

  • Green: The client has received the published content and is currently displaying it.
  • Yellow: The client is downloading the published content or is updating the app.
  • Red: The client is not displaying the content or is not responding. 

Please note:

The red icon in the client overview is displayed for various reasons: SiteKiosk has not been started on the client or the client is not online.

In the client overview there are four different states regarding the content (project) to be transferred:

  • Waiting for download: The content has not been transferred yet. 
  • Downloading: The client is currently downloading the content. 
  • New content waiting for idle: The new content has been downloaded but the client is waiting for the user to become inactive.
  • Content up-to-date: The content of the current version is shown.

Please note:

It can happen that the message "Downloading" or "New content waiting for idle" is displayed for a long time, although the client is online. This can have different reasons: For example, a poor Internet connection can lead to a slow download or the project contains a lot of data, which requires a long download. Also an app update can lead to a delayed display of the project, because the content is only displayed when the app is up to date.