Occasionally, app updates will be sent to the clients as SiteKiosk Online is constantly being further developed. Thus, app updates may also occur directly after installing SiteKiosk. To install these updates, the app has to restart. This restart is done automatically but only when the user is inactive to ensure that this does not happen during a user interaction. At what point inactivity is detected depends on the Idle & Zoom setting. When SiteKiosk is running, an app update will only be triggered when a new project or change to a project with a newer SiteKiosk Online version is published to a client that still has an older app version. During an app update, the display of the last published project may be delayed because a published project of a newer SiteKiosk Online version will not be displayed until the app update has been completed. 

Please note:

In case you have set the inactivity mode of SiteKiosk to a very high value and the automatic restart has been deactivated, you will have to perform a manual restart of SiteKiosk, e.g. via SiteKiosk Online, so that published projects will be displayed on the clients after the app update! This is necessary because when updating the project editor, the clients will also have to be provided with the corresponding new version to avoid inconsistencies and malfunctions.