The software overview shows all important information about the installed operating system version and the installed applications. In addition, information about the client used and important installed components and extensions required by the system are also shown.

Windows/Operating system

The information displayed in this first section differs for the Windows and Android operating systems.


In addition to the name of the computer and the Windows version used, the installation and system path is displayed. Update and firewall status informs about the built-in Windows firewall and the update behavior of the system.


The name and version of the installed Android system are displayed.


This table is only available under Windows.

For each component the name, the file path, the version and the (first) installation date are listed. The components are divided into the following categories:

System Components, Remote Client Components, Application Components, Additional Components, Multimedia Components and Codec Components.

Monitored Applications

The components listed here are monitored and restricted by SiteKiosk on the local client.


This section displays the version and installation path of the local SiteKiosk installation on the client.

Installed Software

All programs/applications that have been installed on the client are listed here. For Android clients, applications can also be listed that were installed with the operating system and not explicitly by the user. The list lists the name, manufacturer, exact installed version and a (first) installation date for each program, if determinable.

Autorun Applications

In this list all programs/applications are enumerated, which are started in the start process with the operating system. For each program the name, the exact command with which the start process takes place (options) and the user with whose rights the execution takes place are listed.

On Windows clients, a distinction is made between automatically started programs from the Windows Registry and Autostart programs that are stored in the Autostart folder.