The hardware overview clearly shows you almost all installed hardware components, as well as the resource utilization and driver versions for certain devices of the client. Some entries are only available for Windows clients, on Android the respective table is then hidden. 

For diagrams, the display period can be set using the buttons at the top right edge. The time period is then shifted so that the current time is at the right edge of the diagram. The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out of the time period as desired. By clicking and dragging, the section on the time axis can be moved. If the mouse pointer is on the diagram area, the next value is highlighted by a dot. If the mouse pointer is over this point, the exact time and value is displayed.


This table gives a rough overview of the hardware and the manufacturer of the client.


Information about the processor (CPU) of the client


This diagram shows the total CPU utilization (CPU Usage), the utilization by the operating system (kernel time) and by SiteKiosk (SiteKiosk CPU Usage).

CPU information

Information about the CPU and its manufacturer.


This table is only available under Windows. The manufacturer, version, serial number and production date of the BIOS are displayed here.


Information about the main memory (RAM) of the client.

Memory diagram

For Android clients, this diagram shows the available memory and the memory used by SiteKiosk. On Windows, the committed memory and the committed used memory are additionally available in the diagram.

Page File Information

This table is only available under Windows. It shows the size, path and mode of the page file.


This table contains information about all mass storage media available to the client.

Logical Drives

For each partition that the operating system can use as its own drive (Windows: letter), the type, capacity (proportion of unused space), file system, serial number, and operating system name are specified. For network drives, the network path is specified. The memory usage is visualized in a bar chart to the right.

Physical Disk Drives

Name Manufacturer Capacity Status Interface

CD/DVD Drives

The manufacturer and drive name are listed for each connected drive.


The diagram shows the amount of data sent and received in (k)bytes/s over time.

Network Configuration

The parameters of the used network connection of the client are listed here. The IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) with subnet mask and external IP address of the client as well as gateway IP, DNS server IP and if available DHCP server IP are displayed.

Network Hardware

For each existing network interface, the name, manufacturer, MAC address and status are displayed. The listing at this point does not say anything about the usage of the interface by the operating system or SiteKiosk.


This section lists information about the graphical output of the system. Only resolution information is available for Android clients.

Video Controller

A listing of all graphics units installed in the client. For each unit, a name, the working status, the output format of the images as video mode, the path to the driver used and its version, and the size of the graphics memory are displayed.

Display Devices

A listing of all monitors used with manufacturer and device type. Due to the connection type and driver, the determined information may be limited.


Information about all installed printers with name, status, resolution and whether the printer can print in color.


All detected sound cards are listed here with manufacturer name, product name and working status.

Hardware Monitoring - Temperatures

Temperature diagram

The determined temperatures are displayed over time.


The table lists the temperatures with their Last Known Value, the previous value, and a trend indicator.