Preview lets you check the appearance in terms of resolution and functionality of your project before publishing it to a client. This is especially useful for checking elements such as the video or news element for proper functionality.


The time setting can be used to recreate the appearance at a specific point in time. This way temporal display conditions can be checked. Press the "Set user inactive" button to simulate the inactive mode (screen saver).

Using the Primary/Secondary Monitor dropdown, the project can be checked on the different monitors. 

By selecting a specific client, specific variations of the project can be reviewed.

The zoom slider is used to determine the display size of the project. This way, a project can also be checked on monitors with a smaller resolution. The fullscreen button starts the fullscreen mode.

The fullscreen button or the Escape key (Esc) terminate the fullscreen mode.

Preview area

The project is displayed in the area below the control bar. If the set resolution of the project is larger than the available area, the overlapping part is cut off.