The overview page shows all important information about the selected client in a condensed summary. This overview is also the default view when selecting an individual client.

Client name

This section displays general information about the client.

  • The status indicates the state of the client. The colored bar is colored identically to the pictograms in the client list.
  • The project section provides information on the current project displayed on the client. 
  • The time of last contact indicates how long it has been since a successful data transfer between SiteKiosk Online and the local client. It also indicates whether there is currently an active connection.
  • Display, Power, Battery and Network show the status of these properties.
  • The local user who is currently logged in on the client will be listed as Logged in User.
  • The SiteKiosk version is the version of the installed and used client version.
  • You can enter any information and notes about the client in the Notes field.
  • The screenshot area displays the most recent screenshot. You can trigger a new screenshot by clicking Refresh.


This section displays alarms from the local client. Active shows all currently triggered alarms. History additionally shows all alarms that were triggered in the past and whose cause was resolved.

Errors and Warnings (Grouped)

In the table errors and warnings from the logfiles of the client are shown summarized. For each entry, the number of summarized messages, the message text and the time that has passed since the last message are listed. The gray triangle in the first column allows the expansion of the entries. Under the message text, the exact trigger time and the time elapsed since then are then displayed for each message.

Uptime Chart

The diagram shows the runtime of the clients over time. If the client is switched off, the runtime 0 is not visible in the diagram. During operation it increases linearly, a restart is shown by an almost vertical drop to 0.