Two-column layout. On the left the client list, on the right the report options.

Create a new report

Report name

The report name describes the report. With this name it can be found later in the report overview.

The Create private report checkbox ensures that the report is not visible to other users.


The number in Top URLs Limit (default: 65) limits the length of the list of addresses mentioned under Top Websites. All comma-separated URLs in "Ignore these URLs" are not listed in the report.

There is a distinction between two basic output formats of the report:

HTML report

Partial elements or the whole category can be selected from the categories Usage and Error.

CSV / XML / HTML report (downloadable file)

Under "Chose a report" the type of report can be selected. After the category, the file type of the generated report is shown in brackets.

Send Report

The report will be sent to the entered e-mail address if the checkbox is activated. The Test button sends a test message to the entered address.

Time range

From the first dropdown, a predefined period can be selected in which the report will be created.

The start and end date can still be changed individually afterwards. In the calendar views, the reporting period is highlighted in blue.