On the Licenses page you will find all the information about the validity period and number of your licenses for your team.

Overview boxes

Here the license parameters and their usage are summarized.

  • Client licenses shows the current and maximum number of clients that can be operated.
  • Public Web Access shows, if activated for the team, how many Web Access views can currently and maximally be operated.
  • Projects is the amount of memory used by projects on the server.
  • Logfiles and File Manager shows the absolute and proportional memory usage on the server.


All active and then all used licenses for the team are displayed in two lists.

  • Begin and End indicate the period of license validity. 
  • Activated on is the date when the license was activated.
  • If the license is managed by someone, the Managed by column is visible.
  • License type describes the type of the license.
  • Clients is the number of clients that can be operated by this license.
  • Applications is the number of server applications that will be unlocked.
  • Disk space is the amount of memory that is unlocked on the server with the license.
  • License key specifies the key code of the license.
  • Automatic renewal indicates whether the license will be automatically renewed shortly before expiry, automatic renewal can be activated/deactivated in the license management of the webshop.
    If the license is managed by someone else, you have the option here to request renewal or activation/deactivation of automatic renewal.
  • Under Command, depending on the license, you will find a link to license management and the option to enter a license key that will replace the existing license when it expires.

Merge selected licenses allows you to merge several licenses of the same type to make administration easier.

Purchase license leads to the webshop where additional licenses can be purchased.

Add new license allows you to enter a new license key. The license is then added to the list.

Automatic Notification

The user entered here will be sent email notifications as soon as a license parameter is exceeded or a license expires.

  • "Send to" specifies the user, the link leads to the user's settings.
  • The notifications will be sent to the displayed e-mail address.