SiteKiosk Online API

With the SiteKiosk Online API one is able to interact with SiteKiosk machines and extend their functionality.

This is an easy HelloWorld example:


// This will display the time after which a user will be considered idle

// Show the OS SiteKiosk is running on

Access the API from an external website

If you are using the Webpage element within your SiteKiosk Online project, you can also use the API within this website (JavaScript).

To be able to access the API through your website, you need to give access to it in the project's settings first: Settings --> Browser --> URLs with SiteKiosk API Permission

Once the access is allowed, you can initiate the API within your website: new Function(_siteKiosk.getUnifiedObjectModelCode())()

Now you can make use of the API like within the "Script" part of SiteKiosk Online.

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