On this page you can assign jobs or predefined job sequences ("job templates") to clients or groups and thus automate recurring tasks. 

Job Templates

A list of predefined and subsequently created job templates.

Assigned Jobs

List of jobs

The list shows all the jobs that have already been executed, are currently active or are planned for the future.

Job Name

These fields contain the name of the job and a pictogram to indicate the status. 

A green tick indicates that the job has been successfully executed. A red X indicates an error during the execution. During the execution of the job, a rotating arrow is displayed.


The date of creation is specified in this column.

Assigned by

The user who created the job is specified in this column.


These fields list the number of clients on which the job should be executed.


Number of errors that occurred during the execution of the job.

Execution time

The Execution time column contains the exact time when the job execution was started.


Indicates the progress of the job.


The commands are displayed depending on the job status.


Create a copy of the current job to reassign it with or without changes.

Add associated clients to tag

Three tags of the format "Job_Name_Status" are created. Status is divided into Success, Error and Other, the job name corresponds to the job. Depending on the current status of the job, the clients are assigned to the respective tag.


Finished jobs can be deleted from the list.

Replay job

Allows you to re-run a job that was unsuccessful.

Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled jobs are jobs that are executed at regular intervals.

List of jobs

Except for the columns Next execution and Last execution instead of Execution time, the entries in this list are the same as those of the assigned jobs.

Next Execution

This column indicates the time when the job will be executed the next time.

Last Execution

This column indicates when the job was last executed. If the job has never been executed, the field is empty.

Event-based Jobs

Event-based jobs are jobs that are executed when certain events occur. Possible events are adding or removing a client from a folder or tag.