The Auto Register Tool allows you to create files that allow the client to register with SiteKiosk Online without having to configure it manually with the team. The generated file must be stored on the client for this purpose. 

Auto Register Tool


Description for the Auto Register file to make it uniquely identifiable.

Valid until

The date entered limits the period during which a client can be registered with this file.

Responsible user for client

The user selected here from the SiteKiosk Online team will be assigned to the client as the responsible user.

Certificate verification

This checkbox controls whether a connection can only be established if the server has a valid certificate. If the check fails, the client will not be registered with SiteKiosk Online.

Try to deregister from previous server

If the client is already registered with another server, this option allows the client to be deregistered there. If the deregistration fails, the client will still be registered with the new server.

For this process, a valid user token must be entered from the old server. The user token can be generated on the old server on exactly this page.

Optional client data

The information entered here adds further optional information to the client. Since some of the settings later are client-specific, these fields can also be left blank to allow general registration for multiple clients.

User Token

All generated user tokens and any associated Auto Register files are listed here. Tokens have a maximum validity date, but can also be deleted manually.